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Saturday, October 01, 2005

mka quiz

Hello, and welcome to !*!AlwaysOlsen!*!'s Quiz!
Here are several questions to find out if you are either MK or Ash
  1. Do you have a boho style or a sort of Diva Style?

  2. Diva

  3. You love animals

  4. They're OK
    Yep- I adore them!

  5. If you had a chance to dye your hair would you?

  6. I'd keep my natural colour.
    Yeah- i want to see how i'd look.

  7. Do you hang out with a group of friends?

  8. From time to time
    Nearly always

  9. If you were to play a girly girl in a movie or a rock star, which would you play?

  10. Girly
    Rock star

  11. Do you have a special smile?

  12. Nope, not really

  13. Is your name unusual?

  14. No, it's plain and simple
    Yes, it's rare.

  15. If you were a celeb, and a paparazzi was getting on your nerves, what would you do?

  16. Just act normal and nonchalant
    Give them the finger and swear

  17. Do you get over boyfriends quickly?

  18. Not really
    Sort of

The quiz has now ended, check if you are MK or A!


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