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Friday, February 17, 2006

Can you find this on my website???

Most of this stuff is on my site.....but can you find it?????
  1. What song do I have playing on my website?

  2. Because of You
    Wake Up

  3. What is my favorite tv show?

  4. WB Smallville
    Prison Break

  5. When is my brother?

  6. July 21 1992
    June 21 1992

  7. Relationship Status?

  8. Dating

  9. Favorite Restaurant?

  10. Maria's Italian Kitchen

  11. What is my passion?

  12. Go to law school
    Be an interior designer

  13. Who was the first person to sign my yearbook?

  14. Megan

  15. How many files do I have in my locker?

  16. 2

  17. Where do I go to school?

  18. Blacksburg Middle School
    Blacksburg High School

  19. What is my last name?

  20. Smythers

Hope ya found everything....or NOT!!! Click and see~


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