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Friday, February 17, 2006

Charmed- Chick Flick

These questions are from Season 2
  1. Who was after Piper?

  2. Bloody Mary
    Have no clue

  3. What happened when Phoebe kissed Billy?

  4. He died.
    They got shocked.
    The make-up came off.

  5. Did Piper and Leo ever get a chance to see a movie?

  6. No
    Who cares.

  7. When Prue walked into the bathroom who was in the shower?

  8. Phoebe
    The ax guy.

  9. How did Phoebe know how to kill the movie killers?

  10. Whos Phoebe?
    She saw the movies.
    She used a spell/potion

Thanks for answering our questions.


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