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Friday, February 17, 2006

Personality Quiz

just awnser the questions on a peice of paper and then when you've writen down all your awnsers to the quiz add up your results and see what your personality is like.
  1. How many friends do you have???

  2. 1-5 I am not very popular[1pt]
    6-10 Well...I am kind of popular[2pt]
    10-up I am the most Popular kid in school!!!!![3pt]

  3. Are you quiet around others???

  4. yeah, I'm kind a shy..[1pt]
    sometimes, Mostly I keep to myself[2pt]
    no, I am never quiet I am the classroom clown!!![3pt]

  5. What is your favorite color???

  6. a dark color, i hate bright colors!!!![1pt]
    I don't really have one, i never think about it...[2pt]
    a light color, i am a very cheerful person...[3pt]

  7. How does your room make you feel like???

  8. angry, selfish, mean: like my personality...[1pt]
    just like any other room does: it's nothing special...[2pt]
    calm, relaxed, peaceful: it represtents me in a lot of ways![3pt]

  9. What is one of your hobbies????

  10. sitting around playing videogames, and watching TV- i'm lazy...[1pt]
    sitting around and occasionally doing something outside- i am not the most active person ever[2pt]
    sports, writing, school, something very active-i love to do active things anywhere anytime![3pt]

  11. What clink are you in, in school???

  12. geek/lower clink: i just don't fit in[1pt]
    medium clink: i am a ignored person[2pt]
    prep/high class: i am very high class in school, every one looks up to me![3pt]

  13. Are you a teachers pet???

  14. Heck yes!!!! I am a straight A student cuz of it!!![1pt]
    Kind of...people say I am [2pt]
    No way!!! Never will I be a teachers pet!!!![3pt]

  15. What do you spend most of your time doing???

  16. reading and doing homework is my favorite thing to do.[3pt]
    Mostly doing two things at once, tlking on the phone and watching tv.b [2pt]
    I'm alway's on the phone or doing something with friends!!! [3 pt]

  17. What is your favorite candy???

  18. nerds [1 pt]
    babyruth [2 pt]
    butterfinger [3 pt]

  19. What is your favorite animal???

  20. lama's, or something like that [1 point]
    horses!!! {anything close to it too} [2 pt]
    Pink kitty's!!!!! [3 pt]

If your score is 25-30:
Your a very social person. Your not shy and not afraid to be the center of attention, in fact that is your favorite thing to be!!! Your not ignore by anyone and adored my lots of people. keep being who you are!!! =)

if your score is 15-24:
you are a medium class, not rich and not poor. you are sometimes quiet and you aren't quiet a geek. you just need a little push to get you out there and social. you are social but not liked by the preps {some of them}. try and give your self a push. Assert yourself and you'll have better self asteem, most likely!!! =)

if your score is 1-14:
your a very quiet person. shy and generous, kind and loving, but no one takes the time to get to know you. you get good grades and every one adores your grades. people may make fun of you but that is just because they are jelous. just ignore them and keep up the good work! your doing great!!! =)


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