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Friday, September 16, 2005

Tashas Test

hey guys! This is a test to see how well you know me, there are different points for different answers, each question is out of 4! for the right answer you will get 4 points,if you were close you will get 3,and maybe 2 or 1,if you are completly wrong you will get 0! HAVE FUN!
  1. Who have I NOT fancied?

  2. Daniel Nixon
    Kyle Gilmore
    Steven Wilson (Scottish)
    Craig Turner

  3. When I am drunk, what do I do?

  4. Be happy and dance around
    be happy,angry, sad and argue
    Just Argue
    don't do anything, I just sit there

  5. What do I always carry with me? (think about it)

  6. Lipgloss
    a spare pair of shoes

  7. Who are my two best m8s?

  8. Gary and Craig
    Craig and Kyle Gilmore
    Gary and Donna
    Donna and Kyle

  9. What is my middle name?

  10. Joyce

  11. What is my favourite movie?

  12. Rush Hour
    Gone in 60 seconds
    Mary poppins

  13. If I stuck on an Ireland for 3 days, what 3 things would I want with me?

  14. chocolate, hair spray and books
    makeup, television and clothes
    two best m8s, clothes and makeup
    magazines, a pair of shoes and some sun glasses

  15. When I am going to get drunk,what will I be drinking?

  16. Cider
    Vodka and coke

  17. If I was invited to a party, what would I say?

  18. "Oh yeah, mint, Im not missing it!"
    "no, I ain't going if she is going"
    "I will go, but if she/he starts I will..."
    "nah, I hate parties!"

  19. If I had the money,and was going away to Australia for 3 weeks,what would I want with me the most?

  20. music and magazines
    clothes and makeup
    bikini and sun tan lotion
    Gary and Donna

Hope you guys got your answers right because I will be checking just how well you know Natasha Shaw!