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Friday, May 26, 2006

Jossu Quiz

This is a quiz about me for you all who are interested enough to see how well you score in 'knowing me'.
  1. I come from

  2. Texas
    Ivory Coast

  3. My life passion is..

  4. Soccer
    Playing guitar

  5. In future I'll be

  6. interior designer, lawyer, or sailor
    pop idol, dancer, or jet-set person
    scientist, mathematician, or psychologist
    nun, babysitter, or kinderkarten teacher

  7. .. but my honest will is to be

  8. the First Lady of any country
    a double agent
    just a princess
    a dictator of any country

  9. If I read, I definitely read...

  10. Romantic novels
    Disney's cartoons
    Horror books
    my math book

  11. I find it impossible to

  12. not care about things
    wear exaggerately colorful clothes
    throw away anything useable
    paint a naivistic picture

  13. On Friday night you propably find me..

  14. at reastaurant or movies with friends
    clubbing and partying!
    in internet or watching tv
    spying behind your window

  15. To me the worst would to be...

  16. ignored

  17. Which of these I can do just because I'm Finnish?

  18. open myself to everyone
    go skinny dipping
    ride a bull
    be outgoing

  19. EXTRA HARD: Which color was my hair on December 25th, 2005?

  20. blonde

That's it!

What's Up In YOUR Life???

Personally, I really am in a great need for a Life....so I designed to let those people out there who needs one.Enjoy!
  1. Do u hate skool....

  2. Nope..definately not...I love it!!!
    Wad do u think???Everydays a torture for me.
    Well,It depends..

  3. Are u In need of Love ???

  4. I'm single...And loving IT!!!!!!!!!
    No body wants me..*sobx sobx*
    I already got a galfriend/boifriend

  5. Are u tied down by the responblities.eg:Class duties,Social Work

  6. Hell Yeah ....I'm such a busy person
    Do i look like i bother???
    I don't think so

  7. Do u feel that u might break down anytime??

  8. Yeah, sometimes its really stressful
    Nope...I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well..I can still handle it

  9. Do u enjoy attention??eg:Performing,Presenting stuff

  10. What do u mean by enjoy,I LURVE it!!!!
    I am very disturbed by such stuff
    I will if i have too

  11. In the overall wad do u think of your life now????

  12. I like it but i can be likeda stressful at times
    Its ok and same old thing everyday

  13. Do u have really good friends??

  14. Yup its like the crowed
    No!!!!!! they are all backstabbers
    Well,I got some really good ones..

  15. How would u like to change into a totally different person??

  16. No!!!!! of course not
    yup...If its for the better

  17. Do u have sibilings??

  18. yes
    yup,but i hate them

  19. Wad do u think bout this quiz???

  20. Great
    It ....SUX
    it s... OK

WEll.People get a life

Thursday, May 25, 2006

How well do you know me?

  1. What is my worst fear?

  2. Dogs?
    Being Alone?
    Scarey Movies

  3. What is my biggest tempary dream?

  4. Husband

  5. Who is the cloest person to me?

  6. Monica
    Ashton Brooke
    My mommy

  7. What is my favorite car?

  8. RAV4

  9. What is my favorite drink?

  10. Tea
    Dr Pepper

  11. How do I relax?

  12. Read
    walk around walmart by myself

  13. What day does she hate at work?

  14. Mondays?

  15. What is her favorite pass time activity?

  16. Read
    Watch Movies
    All above

  17. What is her favorite food?

  18. Pork Chop
    None of the above

  19. Favorite color?

  20. pink

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our Quiz

hey guys try this little quiz we made
  1. where did we meet

  2. school

  3. did we date before we went out officaly

  4. yes

  5. do I Live with JJ

  6. yes I lives with jj
    no JJ lives with me

  7. where do we want to go when we gets older

  8. florida

  9. how long have we been together as of this dat may 24th 2006

  10. 9 months
    8 months

hey guys thank for trying hope you gets a good score

Are You Weird?

Are you weird? Well, take this quiz to find out!
  1. How do you respond to me saying "What's up?"

  2. The ceiling.
    Are you calling me fat? Back off buddy! I am not fat! U r fat! 500 lbs is not fat buddy! U hear me

  3. How do you respond to me saying "ioandlfakdjal ; jd;?"

  4. O
    ioandlfakdjal ; jd; to u too buddy!!!!!

  5. Do you like cheese?

  6. What kind of question is that!!!
    um..... sure...... I guess...

  7. If someone went up to you and said "I see blue bunnies," what would you say?

  8. I see green ponies too! Wait, are you calling me fat again! (repeat of choice C in question #1)
    ...........wat r u talking about?
    Um.... right....

  9. If someone goes up to you and goes, "baCACK!!!" what would u do?

  10. .............................
    MOO 2 U BUDDY!!!
    Walk away slowly.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Team Placement Quiz

Take this Quiz to get placed in a team (For the Animal Clan of Randomness Guild Members only)
  1. Pick a Color:

  2. Pink

  3. Pick a Place:

  4. Park

  5. Pick a Food:

  6. Peas
    Any Left Overs
    Any Kind of Eggs
    Cinnamon Toast

  7. Pick an Animal

  8. Iguana

  9. Pick a Type of Music

  10. Punk

  11. Pick a Type of Book:

  12. Fantasy

  13. Pick an Activity:

  14. Skydiving
    Any Kind of Sport
    Talkking/Hanging Out

After you hit the button 'Place Me' youi should see something like this:
Question 1, scored: ?
Question 2, scored: ?
Question 3, scored: ?
Question 4, scored: ?
Question 5, scored: ?
Question 6, scored: ?
Question 7, scored: ?
Email me this and I will tell you what team you are in and what rank in the team you are!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Are You A Good Person? Quiz

So you think that, compared to most, you are a good person, huh? Let's find out...
  1. Have you ever told a lie?

  2. YES, I have told at least one lie in my life.
    NO, I have never told a lie in my life.

  3. Have you ever stolen anything (no matter how small)?

  4. YES, I have stolen at least once in my life.
    NO, I have never stolen anything in my life.

  5. Have you ever used "God," "Jesus," or "Christ," as a curse word? (Example: "Oh my G-d!")

  6. YES, I have used God's name in vain at least once in my life.
    NO, I have never, even once, used God's name in vain.

  7. Have you ever broken the first Commandment? (ever put anything - tv, person, event - before God?)

  8. YES, I have put things before God.
    NO, I always (and always have) love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

  9. Have you ever looked at someone and had lustful thoughts?

  10. YES, I have lusted at least once in my life.
    NO, I have never lusted in my life.

  11. Did you know that Jesus said whoever looks with lust commits adultery in the heart?

  12. YES, I know that "looking" with lust is the same thing as "acting" in God's eyes.
    NO, I did not know that, but now I do.

  13. If judged by the previous questions (5 of the 10 Commandments) would you be innocent or guilty?

  14. INNOCENT ***why are you innocent? Have you never lied, lusted, etc.? It only takes breaking one.
    GUILTY, because I have broken at least one of these commandments some time in my life.

  15. Knowing that you are guilty of breaking God's law, do you think you would go to heaven or hell?

  16. HEAVEN, because God is a forgiving God and if I'm sorry then He won't send me to hell.
    HELL, because I must pay the fine (hell) for my crime (breaking God's law).

  17. If you commit murder here on earth, will the judge let you go because you're sorry?

  18. NO, the judge is bound by law to see that justice is served and that you pay for your crime.
    Just like with God, you should be sorry that you broke the law, but that will not pay your fine.

  19. Do you know what God did so the fine would be paid & you wouldn't have to spend eternity in hell?

  20. YES

Think of it this way... Imagine you're in a courtroom again, you're guilty of many serious crimes. The judge says, "It's a fine of $500,000, or prison." You don't have anywhere near that amount of money, so the bailiff begins to walk you out of the courtroom when someone you don't even know appears. He runs up to the judge with a check and says, "I've paid the fine for you." Now that the fine has been paid, the law no longer has any hold on you. You're free -- because of the gift you were given.

This is what God did for you by sending Jesus to die on the cross in your place. So that you wouldn't have to go to Hell, God sent his only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross -- suffering the punishment that justice demands. Then He rose from the grave, forever defeating death! The Bible tells us, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16) If you will repent of your sins and put your trust in Jesus, God says He will forgive all your sins and grant you the gift of everlasting life. Just like the court case we just talked about, if you repent (that means to confess and turn away from your sins) and put your trust in Jesus, then you will not have to suffer God's justice in Hell because the payment for your crimes was made by Jesus on the cross.

Through Jesus Christ, and Him only, can we spend eternity in Heaven. We are all sinners, and are in need of a savior - God, out of love, gave us that Savior named Jesus, so that after repenting we could be forgiven, and trust in Him to help us live the life God intended for us. You never know when your last day is going to be. You could die tonight. We are not promised tomorrow. Please, before going to sleep, think about your salvation and eternal destiny...

Are You a Belle?

Hey Carson! This is mainly 4 u cause u r the only 1 who knows who Belle Donner is!
  1. What type of clothes do you wear?

  2. Rich, fashionable, new, expensive, all that good stuff about life!
    Get out of my face!!!!!!!!!!!
    Old hand-me-downs!
    My grandma's clothes.

  3. Describe your personality.

  4. I am like my grandma.
    Grrr.... Get out of my face be4 u suffer diar consequenses!
    Populah populah populah! (and extremely rich)
    I think I am the most popular person ever but I'm really a desperate loser trying 2 get a life.

  5. How many times do you go shopping a day?

  6. People go shopping?
    Ehmagod! SHOPPING IS MY LIFE I GO SHOPPING TEN MILLION TIMES A DAY! (actually more but oh well)
    Get out of my face!!!!!

  7. What do you say when someone goes up to u and says "merdljfakns"

  8. ................................
    GET OUT OF MY FACE!!!!!!!
    Ew! u r such a loozah and an eternal wannabe or EW 4 short.
    Someone can finally speak my language! This causes 4 a celebration!!!

  9. Where do you go shopping?

  10. Get out of my face!!!!!!
    Expensive brand names like Sax and Louis Vuitton and every other populah store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People go shopping?

  11. What is your favorite food?

  12. I dunno. Mac and cheese?
    Get out of my face!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cavier and expensive rich delicacies!

  13. Are you popular?

  14. Get out of my face!!!!!!!!!
    I think I'm popular!
    I am uncomfortable answering that question.

  15. What is your favorite type of music?

  16. Every popular music there is!
    Get out of my face!!!!!!!
    Jazz and old music I think is cool!

  17. Describe how you look like.

  18. I have braces and big circle glasses and my hair is frizzy but I think I'm popular! (Well, I hope)
    Get out of my face!!!!!!

  19. Do u like cheese?

  20. ..........................
    YES! I LIVE 4 CHEESE!!!!!

I hope u had fun taking this quiz!

Are You Like Carson?

Hey Carson what's up my homie! I hope this quiz doesn't offend u cause its really funny and u know I luv ya no mattah waht! L8az luv ya hun!
  1. What type of clothes do you wear?

  2. Trendy, cool, and awesome kick-a clothes!
    Old out-of-fashion clothes (we're talkin' brother's old clothes and thigh-lenght shorts)
    Watevah my BFFs wear is fine 4 me!
    I dont' know. My mom picks them out.

  3. What is your personality like?

  4. Sweet, charming, and a daddy's girl! :)
    Popular, popular, popular!
    Grr... get out of my face be4 I eat u (I think I'm the coolest boy evah but I'm really a lozah)
    What's a personality?

  5. What is your average report card grade?

  6. Popular people dont have time for usless things like grades!
    Average B student
    D, F, or lower.

  7. What type of music do you like?

  8. All the most popular kind of music evah!
    Rap and hip hop.
    Pop music and whatevah my friends like 2 listen 2.

  9. Describe how u look.

  10. Curly blonde hair, braces, geeky glasses, zits everywhere, and dorky clothes
    I dunno. I pretty sure I have hair and stuff.
    Cute with blonde pigtails and ribbons in my hair!!!
    Ehmagod! Are you seriously asking me this question! I look fab-oo-licious!

  11. Who are your friends?

  12. I am friends with the nice girls that my mommy approves of!
    Who aren't my friends besides losers? I am so populah I swear, I will drown in popularity!
    What friends?
    People. I think they're all humans except 4 maybe one who might be a new type of species unknown.

  13. What is your favorite food?

  14. Everything! I will eat until I explode even if it's at a friend's house *cough cough*
    Caviar and other populah expensive delicacies!
    Mac and cheese!
    I'm not sure what I eat is even food.

  15. What do you excel at?

  16. Being a dork.
    I dunno...
    Every thing! You name it I'm good at it!
    Being populah! Duh!

  17. Are you ugly?

  18. Um...
    Puh-leez! Are you kidding me? ME? UGLY? That iz soooo LOL!
    As long as I'm still my daddy's little angel, I'm the cutest little dollface you have evah seen!

  19. What is your favorite TV show?

  20. Romantic soap operas and chic flicks!
    I dunno...
    My mommy says that too much TV is harmful to the brain. Thus, I don't watch anything uneducational
    Dorky channels and cartoons.

Oh no! You may be just like Carson!!! I feel your pain. So so sorry.

Your Simpson Knowledge

I'm of big of fan of the Simpsons as you can get so see if you can awnswer these (some are easy some are hard)
  1. Who shot Mr.Burns (easy)

  2. Maggie
    Santa's Little Helper

  3. Who is Herbert Powell (medium)

  4. Hobo
    Homer's half brother

  5. When Maggie is scanned what does the cash register say (hard 138th)


  7. Who is Groundskeeper Willie's enemy (super hard)

  8. Seamus

  9. Who plays the voices of Troy Mclure and Lynol Hutz (super duper hard)

  10. Phil Hartman
    Hank Azaria
    Dan Castelleni

  11. Who are Homer's children (super easy)

  12. Lester,Liza and Margaret
    Lisa,Bart, and Maggie
    Milhouse,Jimbo and Uter

  13. What colour is barts shirt (oh my god this is easy)

  14. Red

  15. What could Bart buy for 100$ (medium)

  16. 100 tacos
    100 comic books
    the 1st Radio Active Man comic book

  17. What is the name of the three eyey fish (easy Mr.Burn's Pet)

  18. Blinky
    Three eyes
    Mr.Burns Jr

  19. What was the European name for Itchy and Scratchy (hard)

  20. Worker and Parasite
    Itche'e and Sratche'e
    Itch and Scratch

Hope you got a lot right