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Monday, November 27, 2006

How Well Do You Know Robin?

Do you think you can pass the test? ;-P
  1. When I mention "You Know Who" in my blog, who I am referring to?

  2. My coworker
    My supervisor
    Neither of the above

  3. Which of the three places do I work at?

  4. Bank
    Law Firm
    Advertising Agency

  5. How many sisters do I have?

  6. 3

  7. What kind of car do I drive?

  8. Saturn Ion
    Ford Focus
    Honda Civic

  9. What is the one food that I have never and will never try?

  10. Asparagus
    Creamed corn

  11. The one and only tattoo I have on my body is of what?

  12. My horoscope symbol
    A Butterfly
    You don't have a tattoo

  13. When is my birthday?

  14. 8-17

  15. What is my middle name?

  16. Angela

  17. (A non "Robin" related question) What are my sisters names?

  18. Sheila, Jaime
    Jamie, Sandy
    Susan, Jayme

  19. Where do I want to live someday?

  20. Colorado

Thanks for taking the time to play!! =)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Do You Know Sharon Very Well?

If you know Sharon very well, then you would be able to answer these questions easily and get them all correct! So good luck!
  1. What are Sharon's favourite colour?

  2. Black, Pink, Green and Yellow
    Black, Blue, Pink and Purple
    White, Purple, Pink and Blue

  3. What does she always buy in Mcdonalds?!

  4. Double Cheesburger
    Chicken McNuggets

  5. What are her favourite Electronics?

  6. HandHeld Games, PC, HandPhone and Camera
    Handphone, MP4, Computer and TV
    Handphone, Laptop, Camera and MP3

  7. How many nicknames does she have?

  8. 5...

  9. Which of the choices are her common nicknames?? too simple!

  10. Shawee

haha.. most of the answer are at my blog page! couldn't come up with easier questions so i just had to take it from my blog! Let's see How you Score!