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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Toxic Load Quiz

  1. Are you a current or former smoker; or spend time regularly around other smokers?

  2. Yes

  3. Do you usually drink less than three cups of water a day?

  4. Yes

  5. Are you currently working or ever worked in an industrial environment with a lot of chemicals?

  6. Yes

  7. Do you have silver/mercury teeth fillings?

  8. Yes

  9. Did you receive a full course of inoculations as a child?

  10. Yes

  11. Do you use non-stick and/or aluminum cookware?

  12. Yes

  13. Have you experienced long periods of time on or around new carpeting?

  14. Yes

  15. Do you consume mostly non-organic fruits and vegetables?

  16. Yes

  17. Do you drink mainly unfiltered tap water?

  18. Yes

  19. Do you often teel tired, sluggish, or lethargic?

  20. Yes

  21. Do yo have dificulty concentrating or staying focused?

  22. Yes

  23. Do you catch colds easily?

  24. Yes

  25. Do you have bad breath?

  26. Yes

  27. Do you have unpleasant body odors when not using deodorant or perfume?

  28. Yes

  29. Have you spent long period in congested traffic, or lived near air pollution?

  30. Yes

  31. Do you eat meat for 2 or more meals a day?

  32. Yes

  33. Do you eat dairy products with 2 or more meals a day?

  34. Yes

  35. Do you exercise less than 20min 3x/week?

  36. Yes

  37. Are you more than 20 pounds over weight?

  38. Yes

  39. Do you have ecxema, acne, or psoriasis?

  40. Yes

  41. Do you often go for more than one day without having a bowel movement?

  42. Yes

  43. Do you consume alcohol on a daily basis?

  44. Yes

  45. Do you consume more than 2 coffee, soda or energy drinks per day?

  46. Yes

  47. Do you take prescription, over-the-counter, or recreation drugs on a regular basis?

  48. Yes

  49. Is the meat you consume usually non-organic, non-genetically modified, and non-cagefree?

  50. Yes

Monday, October 30, 2006

What Color is Your Aura?

Every living thing has an aura--a colorful field of light glowing around their bodies, branches, and stems. The colors within those auras tell us something about ourselves. What color are you?
  1. How would you describe yourself?

  2. Hard-working, patient, and well-grounded.
    Sensitive, quiet, and idealistic.
    Fiery, competitive, and strong.
    Kind, reliable, and a good friend.

  3. When someone hurts your feelings, you:

  4. Confront them calmly, but directly, and let them know how they made you feel.
    Forget about it. You're not going to let them ruin your day.
    Cry because you don't understand why people are so mean.
    Say something twice as mean in return.

  5. Your favorite kind of movie is:

  6. Magical, a whole new world of wizards or dragons or fairies.
    Spooky--a creepy, ghost story.
    A comedy--anything that makes you laugh.
    A love story.

  7. Your perfect day would be spent:

  8. Winning the big game and going out to celebrate with your friends.
    Staying home with nothing to do but read or watch TV.
    Shopping for a great new outfit or something for your room.
    Just hanging out with your best friends.

  9. If you could control one of the four elements, it would be:

  10. Fire--Master of volcanoes and forest fires.
    Water--The one who controls the tides, waves and ocean currents.
    Earth--The one who can move mountains, form canyons, and help things grow.
    Air--Master of the wind and skies.

  11. Your favorite subject in school is (or was):

  12. Art--You love the freedom to create.
    Math and Science--You're great with numbers and facts.
    English--You love to read and write!
    Recess--You just want to be with your friends.

  13. Your perfect house would be:

  14. A fancy Victorian mansion with all the trimmings that everyone stops to admire.
    A solid, cozy log cabin in the woods.
    A whimsical, one-of-a-kind cottage made with environmentally-friendly materials.
    The penthouse suite in the tallest building in town, of course!

  15. Your dream job is:

  16. Any profession where you can help people or animals.
    Definitely something in a creative field, like an artist, architect, or writer.
    An engineer or scientist.
    A movie star.

  17. When a friend is upset and crying, you:

  18. Try to make them laugh by telling them a joke.
    Offer the best advice you can and assure them things will get better.
    Give them a hug and cry with them.
    Try to take their mind off it by changing the subject or taking them to the movies.

  19. You have $30,000 to spend on a vacation. You:

  20. Fly first-class to Europe and stay in the grandest castles.
    Take your friends to a tropical island.
    Spend half the money on an eco-trip to the rain forest and the other half to help save the forest.
    Save ALL the money for a college fund or other necessity.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Bottle

Chemistry Test #2.....Don't Muff it.
  1. Gluteraldehyde is

  2. HCHO

  3. Methanoic Acid is

  4. HCOOH

  5. Phenol is

  6. CO2

  7. What neutralizes formaldehyde

  8. NaOCL

  9. Surface tension of water is high because of

  10. water has a low degree of polarity
    water has a high degree of polarity
    bottled water is good
    wate has no polarity

  11. Atomic number of an element refers to

  12. atomic mass
    number of electrons
    number of protons
    number of neutrons

  13. hydrogen has an oxidation number of

  14. +2

  15. Mormalin, the saturated HCHO solution, contains

  16. 37% by weight, 40% by volume
    40% by weight, 37% by volume

  17. a solution with a lesser concentration of solute compared to others

  18. isotonic

  19. How many protons does hydrogen have if the atomic # is 1

  20. 2