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Friday, April 06, 2007

IA Test

This is an Inteligence and Attitude Test to see how you fair overall in person. Answer it truthfully.
  1. What will you do if a robber gives you his stolen money?

  2. Take it and then let him rob you too
    Decline it and then let him steal your money when you are not aware of it
    Decline it and then steal the money when he's not looking
    Take it and try to call the police but he robbed you and knock you out

  3. What will you choose if you are given a choice of 4 items?

  4. A toothbrush to wash your cloths
    A new jersey to be used as a floor mat
    A magazine to wipe your $hi+ in the toilet
    A fish to be used as a body perfume

  5. Ali found RM98.45 on the floor, what should he do?

  6. Use that to wipe his $hi+ in the toilet
    Take that money and buy 4D number 9845 and eventually lost
    Keep it and buy himself a new pen for RM99
    Take it and throw it into the dustbin

  7. What is 1 + 1 =

  8. A window (artistic)
    1 baby (biology...don't ask why)
    2.3 (mathematically)
    2 and then 2+2 = 4 and 4+4 = 8 and so on... (idealist)

  9. If you are a superhero, what powers do you wish to have?

  10. Stinking breath
    Spitting saliva
    Farting explosion

  11. Street is to Fighter, as Kingdom is to ??

  12. of Heaven
    Lord of the Onion Ring

  13. Which is your Favourite Question?

  14. Q1

  15. When you lost all hope,give up everything,lost everything and at your last breath,what will you do

  16. Pull your eyeballs out, cut your fingers, cut your nose and then just lie there
    Think about ur love ones and then kill yourself in 5 minutes time
    Laugh hysterically and then hope that it'll kill you
    Just lie down and die

  17. Where would you go if you can go anywhere in the world?

  18. My friend's toilet
    Pearl Harbour War
    The Bukit Kepong War
    The War of the Middle Earth

  19. How many pieces of birthday cake will you take?

  20. 1-cause i'm not that hungry,i dont care if it's your birthday
    2-one for me, the other i just throw away
    3-one for me, 2 more for my dog, Sam
    4-Can gasak means gasak all la.. he pay wat, i eat free ma

Thanks. Now wait for your results

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Dumb Blond QUIZ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

This quiz will show you how blonde you are.
  1. What to pigs eat?

  2. bacon

  3. what music do you listen to?

  4. byonce

  5. what drink do would you drink if these were your choices?

  6. Dr Pepper
    Diet Mountain dew

  7. what do you do if a girl says hey lesbian wanna go?

  8. Go cry to daddy
    KNOCk her out
    get your friends

  9. How popular are you?

  10. Nerd

  11. what would you rather do?

  12. Go to mall
    party with friends
    play games

  13. What do cows drink?

  14. MILK
    orange juice

the lower your score the more blonde you are the higher the less blode you are.