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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Do u know the real me???

I'm gonna give u a few questions & if you're lucky... u might figure out more about me than I'd actually like hehehehehe
  1. When's my birthday

  2. August 3 1982
    December 31 1983

  3. Which pet do i have

  4. bird

  5. Will you add me to msn messenger? tabby11@vodafone.net.au

  6. yes

  7. What colour do i wear the most

  8. black & blue
    red & white

  9. Where do i live

  10. Sydney Australia
    Alberta Canada

  11. What's my middle name

  12. Joanne

  13. Who's my fave singer/band

  14. Bon Jovi / JBJ

  15. What's my most hated vegetable

  16. Brussel Sprouts

  17. What's my starsign

  18. Leo

  19. What's my hair colour

  20. Dk brown / red

rock legends

this is a random rock quiz about who is aCtually the best damn rocker or rockers ever
  1. Who is better

  2. Jon Bon Jovi
    Bon Jovi

  3. Which is the better song

  4. One - Metallica
    Have a nice day - Bon Jovi
    Live and let die - G'N'R
    TNT - AC/DC
    Stairway to heaven - Led Zep

  5. Who's the hottest

  6. Jon Bon Jovi
    David Lee Roth
    Sammy Hagar
    Ozzy Osbourne

  7. Which WWE superstars would make/are the perfect rock star

  8. Chris Jericho
    Trish Stratus
    Randy Orton
    Triple H

  9. Which actors would be/are great as rockstars

  10. Stuart Townsend
    Tom Cruise
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Kelly Osbourne
    Axl Rose

Hey congrats...Ur definitely on ur way

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Are You HOT?

I know I'm hot. Let's see if you're hot!
  1. Are You Hot?

  2. No
    Very Hot
    Hotter than Very Hot
    The Hottest Of All
    Don't Pick Me

Are You Stupid?

See and find out if you're stupid!
  1. Are you stupid?

  2. Yes

  3. I don't think you are- do you agree?

  4. Yes

The Human Body Quiz

In this 10 question quiz, answer to the best of your ability. If you do not know an answer, take a reasonable guess.Good Luck!
  1. How many bones are in the human body?

  2. 380

  3. Which hemisphere of the brain is larger?

  4. left hemisphere
    right hemisphere

  5. Where is the vestibular (oval) window located?

  6. in the ear
    in the eye
    in the nose

  7. What are the scientific names of the three smallest bones?

  8. ditlis, incus, mealleuar
    opilac, incus, stapes
    stapes, malleus, incus

  9. How many vertebrae is the backbone made up of?

  10. 39

  11. What is the strongest muscle in the body?

  12. biceps
    gluteus maximus
    the tongue muscles

  13. What is the name of the cartilage that is constructed on the rib cage?

  14. costal

  15. Where are the villi located?

  16. duodenum
    large intestine
    small intestine

  17. What is the chemical name that lets information get across synapses?

  18. neurotransmitters

  19. What do the parasympathetic nerves do?

  20. ''excite the body'' by speeding up its processes in response to stimuli
    bring the processes back to normal
    take away the presence of pain

Check and make sure you answered the10 questions!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

are you grace?

hi this will let you know if you are grace
  1. is your name grace

  2. yes

click for results