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Friday, May 12, 2006

What would you do???

Here are things in life that might be tough decissions for a first time lover! Check them out to see would you be ready?
  1. If your boyfriend left town for 2 weeks to go to Disney would you be ok?

  2. I'd secretly miss him but I would make it.
    No. I would have plenty to do I could care less.
    I would sob and talk to him every night and complain till he was back in my sight.

  3. If your school graduation was next wknd but practice was all week and the team needs u!

  4. You represent the school too miss one practice.
    I will makle an outfit out of any odds and ends I have. I will only be called Ms.Trashy for a week
    Ask my friends if I can borrow something. That is better than nothing everyone is counting on u.

  5. You were always alone and nobody knew the real you til yr crush saw you sing!

  6. Run away tearstreaked and when you see him tomorrow say somebody dared you too and you rnt chicken
    He was seeing things
    Explain quietly and tell him not to tell a soul or else. It is also a way to know if he istrusting

  7. Your boyfriend has CANCER! You're freaking out! He says that you're stress'n and 2 brake up!

  8. NO. You'll back off and visit. Understand he is scared too. You aren't any help u only pity him!
    The cancer must have done something to him now he isn't even wanting to go out he is a goner!4good
    stay calm. You're so angry but imagine him anyway there are more boys just b friends!

  9. Your first boyfriend and brakeup in one week u cant decide why you dont care?

  10. It is the first many more dont worry
    how dare you have no feelings! come to him weeping guiltily
    to much stress and going on in one week

  11. You want to get him something for valentines day but what would he want?..

  12. A picture of u and him under a tree having a picnic..... last summer! Is that to long ago?
    colone sometimes after football he reeks!
    nothing if he loves you he will understand a kiss will make him ok!

these questions arent life threatening to you but to a normal teen it may just seem at the time! I have experianced 3 of them. Good luck

My Quiz

Are you A Good Friend?
  1. Do You Tell Secrets To Other Ppl About Your Best Mate?

  2. Ye

  3. Do You Judge Your Best Mate?

  4. Ye

  5. Do You Talk About Them Behind Ther Back?

  6. Ye

  7. Do You Keep Secrets From Her About Other Ppl

  8. Ye

  9. Do You Like Any Other Friend Betta?

  10. Yee

  11. Is Your Best Mate Bonny or Ugly?

  12. Bonny

  13. Do You Embaress Her Infront Of Ppl?

  14. yes

  15. Do You Share Things With Your Best Mate

  16. Ye!
    Nor She can get her own

  17. Do You Help Her Wen She Is Goin Throu A Ruff Patch?

  18. Ye

  19. Do You Make Her Feel Betta Or Worser Than She Alredy Wen She Is Sad?

  20. Worser

R ya A Gurd Mate?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cocteau Twins Challenge

Welcome to the challenge! How well do you know Cocteau Twins? You're about to find out.
  1. What is Elizabeth Fraser's middle name?

  2. Marie

  3. How many children does Robin Guthrie have?

  4. 3

  5. Where were Coctea Twins formed?

  6. Grangemouth, Scotland
    London, England
    Glasgow, Scotland

  7. Mellonella is a song with lyrics about....?

  8. Robin

  9. Which one of these artists collaborated with Cocteau Twins to create The Moon & The Melodies?

  10. Harold Budd
    Brian Eno
    John Foxx

  11. Cocteau Twins used to have their own studio called...?

  12. Summer Blink Studios
    September Sound Studios
    Serpentskirt Studios

  13. Was Mitsuo Tate a member of Cocteau Twins' supporting band?

  14. Yes

  15. Cocteau Twins were scheduled to re-unite and play what gig in 2005?

  16. Coachella
    Reading Festival
    Live 8

  17. Which of these songs is NOT a title track?

  18. Love's Easy Tears
    Heaven or Las Vegas
    Orange Appled

  19. Pick one letter of the alphabet that no Cocteau Twins song titles begin with.

  20. A

Thanks for completing the quiz.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cultural Geography

Hello fellow classmates. Our beloved teacher told us to make our visuals fun and interesting. So...well, I didn't want to make a power point or a boring 'ol poster (no offense to anyone). So, instead, you are all going to take this quiz and see how well you listened to me. Ha! :D
  1. Inari of rice and fertility, is a god from which culture?

  2. Buddhism

  3. What is animism?

  4. The belief in more than one god that rules all aspect of life and humanity.
    The belief that every thing in nature lives and has a spirit.
    A type of art movement in which pictures depict animal heads on human bodies.
    We dunno, we didn't read the chapter.

  5. Raijin is known as Japane god of thunder and lightening. Which god could he be compared to?

  6. Loki

  7. Although all that are listed are indeed tricksters, who is also known as a fire deity?

  8. Veles
    the Raven

  9. Why are deities "created" and how do they help?

  10. They are created out of boredom.
    Deities aren't created because they are real.
    They are created for making characters in stories and teach morals to children.
    They are created for helping to teach the unexplainable.

  11. Geb, Izanagi, Gaia, and Brahma are considered to be what kind of deities?

  12. Death

  13. Which of the following is NOT a polytheistic religion?

  14. Norse

  15. Why would a culture need to create a "destroyer" or "death" deity?

  16. To explain how we die.
    To explain why we die.
    To explain who brings our "true death",
    All of the above.

  17. How did you like this quiz?

  18. It was absolutely fantastic!!!
    Why do we care?
    It was boring as all hell.
    It was bull crap.

  19. What will our teacher do during the summer break?

  20. Dunno, but we do know she will be bored without us.
    Continue to worry about our lack of geographic knowledge.
    Go to classes and teach classes. (How boring!)
    Go raving on some random Pacific island with drunk monkies. (Oh wait, has she done that yet?)

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http://www.dancingbush.com/ Wanna go see? Huh? Yeah, I bet you do! C'mon, no one else is going to have such an interesting presentation!

Things about ME

How well do you know me, And if you don't take a guess.
  1. I was born in:

  2. Singapore
    Hong Kong

  3. What Car do I drive?

  4. Honda Civic
    Subaru WRX
    Peugeot 206
    Mazda RX 8

  5. My Favourite Sports are:

  6. Tennis + Netball + Golf
    Soccer + Tennis + Kickboxing
    Soccer + Golf + Badminton
    Netball + Kickboxing + Golf

  7. My Favourite color is:

  8. Black
    All of the above

  9. How many times a week do I play soccer?

  10. 1

  11. I am afraid of:

  12. Mice

  13. I'm Most commonly refered to as:

  14. "The little one"
    "The Angry little one"

  15. At Uni I studied:

  16. Engineering
    Info Tech

  17. My Favourite Soccer Teams are:

  18. Man Utd + Real Madrid
    Liverpool + AC Milan
    Arsenal + Liverpool
    Man Utd + Arsenal

  19. Places I most want to visit are:

  20. Peru + Prague + Ireland
    Canada + Italy + USA
    UK + Ireland + USA
    NZ + China + Japan