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Saturday, February 11, 2006

best friend quiz

Take this quiz if you want to see if your bff is really your best friend...FOREVER
  1. If you liked your best friends boyfriend, what would she do?

  2. dump him in a second
    tell you...
    tell him that you like him and make him decide between you two
    stay with him until she no longer likes him as much and then she decides to dump him

  3. Does your best freind have someone you usually get jeaulus of because you feel she like them more?

  4. yes!!!...i am sooo jealus of her boyfriend
    not just one person, soo many people
    not at all, she is commited to being with me no matter what
    there is this one girl who she hangs out with so much and it annoys me

  5. can you tell your best friend EVERYTHING?

  6. there is only ONE thing i cant tell her, but i am honest about everything else
    almost everything
    yup....no matter how bad something may be...i can tell her ANYTHING
    not quite...

  7. how often do you and your best freind fight?

    rarely, but it has happened before

  9. if you and your best freind were in a fight, what would it be about?

  10. how she doesnt treat you like her best friend
    about how her boyfriend is ruining your friendship
    us...in a fight!?!?!?!
    about how she doesnt invite you to the new places she goes to and thatshe is starting to ditch you

  11. Truthfully....how long do you think your friendship will ACTUALLY last?

  12. 7 more years
    a few more years
    not too much longer....8 more months if we get lucky

  13. how often and how do you and your best friend communicate?

  14. once a day...on the phone or on the computer
    once a week in person or on the computer
    three times a day in person and/or on the computer and phone
    only on the computer twice a day unless i have a hw question in which case i call her

Are you my type?

Can you be the next American Idol...err uhh I mean are you the type of person that has intrest and things like Andy?
  1. What do you look for in a guy.

  2. Personality
    How much money he has
    His Car
    If he can beat up other guys

  3. Were out on a date, I have to go use the bathroom so I throw you my wallet to pay for the items.

  4. You steal all my money and leave
    You take out the dollar bills and pay
    You take my credit card
    You take some of the money and add your own
    You say no and you pay instead

  5. I get into a bad car accident and end up in a comma for 6 years

  6. You stay with me and come visit me all the time.
    You leave me and go for someone else.
    You frequently see me but you had to move on
    You got over me quick and left me for someone else
    You decide to pull the plug on me after a week

  7. Were going out to see a movie I let you pick it you choose

  8. A hilarious comedy because I love comedy
    An action movie because things being blown up rule!
    A horror movie because I love to be scared
    A Romantic love story like Broke Back Mountain
    A murder mystery suspense thriller because I love to keep guessing

  9. I loan my bro the car, he smokes, he leaves his cigs, when I pick u up u seem them an say

  10. Pull over right now Im walking home
    I hate smokers I hope you die of lung cancer!
    I didnt know that you smoke, you know smoking is bad for you.
    Can I have one of those?
    My friend died from smoking why the f*ck is wrong with you followed by a slap

  11. You end up a famous some how while your with me so now you

  12. Leave me for Brad Pitt
    Leave me for George Clooney
    Party all the time with Paris Hilton because thats hot.
    Stay with me so I can walk you down the red carpet and make you look good compared to me.
    Stay with me and bring me along for the ride but leave me out of all your spot light

  13. I left my cell so we go to my house your snooping around my room and find condoms you say/do

  14. Hey baby lets use these right now in your room!
    Take them with you for someone else later tonight
    Hey you f*cking pimp take me home you nasty STD carrier.
    This is good at least he is or will be using protection if things were to go that far.
    Poke holes in all the condom packets and dont tell me.

  15. Were out to eat and I glance over at a good looking waitress you

  16. Slap me and say you pig!
    Stab me with a knife and say there now you will never see again
    Say excuse me but were out on a date can you focus of me
    Know that Im a guy with wondering eyes and Im sorry
    are too busy sterring at the hot waiter.

  17. It's a cold rainly windy dary stormy night at my house just us we

  18. Watch a horror movie
    Put on a Jazz CD and talk on the couch with the lights off and the fire on
    Snuggle, cuddle up with a blanket, hot chocolate, put on the fire and relax talking
    Watch Bill O'Riley on Fox talk about Oil
    Play a board game.

  19. My birthday comes up you get me

  20. A gift card or money
    The CD/DVD I wanted
    A nice watch or necklance
    Something home made
    Just some hallmark card

  21. We hangin w/ friends @ the mall, a security person takes me cuz they think I stole you

  22. Say well look at him people like his type always steal
    say He's innocent seriously he didnt do it
    Leave because you think Im on my own now
    Wait around until I come back
    Start taking out security guys left and right

  23. I get kicked outta my house you

  24. say well you can stay here
    Offer to put me in a hotel for a while
    say ha ha your own you own you stupid idiot
    Call up a friend who will let me stay at there place
    Me 2 now what do we do

  25. Were going to a concert to see Ziggy Marley (reggae style music) but you'd rather

  26. See a country singer
    See a rap singer
    See a rock singer
    Classical composer
    Try out Ziggy Marley for once with me

  27. All our friend are telling us were not good for each other you

  28. Ignore them and we continue our ways
    Kill them all so thay way they finally shut up
    Dump me because It's getting to you and you think there right
    Go out with one of them instead
    Stay with me even though you dont want to because it will make me happy

  29. I tell you that I turned Bisexual you

  30. Say hey me 2
    Tell me to stay straight cuz your the only one for me
    Go find a guy to be my bf so we can have a 3 some
    Say thats fine thats who you are
    say god what Im not good enough for you so your into guys now

  31. I get fired from my Job, Ive been applying an doing lots of interviews but no job you

  32. Leave me because Im not making any money
    Say hey I can pay for things for now until you get hired again
    Say keep trying Im sure someone will hire you
    Say I knew it your pathetic no one will hire a loser
    Offer me a job with the maffia

  33. Im watching WWE wrestling, Family, and VH1 Swim suit special you are

  34. Disgusted with what I watch and leave me
    Try to watch the shows I watch maybe you will like them
    Tell me these shows suck lets do something else
    Say lets watch The O.C, Laguna Beach, and the Gauntlet
    Tell me CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, and ER are better

  35. Ive been with u for while we really like each other we've only kissed/made out I make a move u

  36. Say no this is wrong we can't do this is a nice way
    Say what the hell are you doing Im leaving right away
    Say hey wait let me invite over a friend to join
    Say I dont think were ready we need to slow down
    Go with it...not all the way but one step further

  37. What kind of personality does a guy need to have

  38. Very well rounded knows a little about everything
    Has to be very humorous
    Has to be a Sci-Fi freak
    He has to be a house man stay at home kinda person
    Who cares as long as he does what I say

  39. Finally! I dont want follow any religion of belive in any kind of a higher power you

  40. Say Im going to hell
    Say fine your choice but Im not happy
    Your okay with my choice but say think about other stuff
    Tell me well that you want me to become Amish
    Make me watch Passion of the Christ

Lets see if you are the one to be for Andy or not.

John Cena quiz

How much do you know about John Cena?
  1. What is his FULL name?

  2. John Felix Anthony Cena
    John Cena
    John Felix Cena

  3. Who did he defeat at wrestlemania 20?

  4. Carlito
    Big Show

  5. How old is he?

  6. 28

  7. Who did he defeat at wrestlemania 21?

  8. JBL
    Kurt Angle

  9. Is he good looking?

  10. no

  11. What is the name of his movie?

  12. The Marine
    Saw 2

  13. Who is his girlfriend?

  14. Amy
    He doesn't have one

  15. Who is he currently feuding with over the WWE championship?

  16. Kurt Angle
    Chris Masters

  17. What nationality is he?

  18. Italian

  19. On RAW who did he F-U after Vince McMahon fired them?

  20. Chris Jericho
    Eric Bishoff

Hope you had fun.

Do~YoU~KnOw~Me~? I bet not

Everyone has a best friend that they think they know everything about but this goes for you Jasmine, Nicole, Julia, Bridget, Christina M., Nayeli, Jenae, Brigita and sam....... do you think that you know me as well as you do?? FIND OUT! :)
  1. Whe is my birthday?

  2. March 13th
    June 13th
    October 29th

  3. What is my favorite food?

  4. spaghetti

  5. Who is my favorite singer?

  6. Ashlee Simpson
    Chris Brown
    Hilary Duff

  7. How tall am I?

  8. 5'2

  9. What is my favorite clothes store?

  10. Aeropostale
    Banana Republic

  11. Who is my best friend?

  12. All of the people I listed above
    Galka Vinyernay
    none of the people I listed above EWW!

  13. Who is Galka Vinyernay?

  14. my imaginary friend
    someone from church
    someone in a famous movie

  15. what is my favorite movie?

  16. Big Fish
    High School Musical
    When A stranger Calls

  17. what are my dogs names?

  18. Fluffy & Baby
    Tinkerbelle & Fluffy
    Miller & Madison

  19. Who do I have the biggest Crush on EVER?

  20. Dimitry

Well I hope that you had fun with my quiz! Click below to see how much you know about me.

How well do you know me???

Hope you do good...
  1. Favorite TV show?

  2. Las Vegas
    That 70's show
    Family Guy
    Everybody Love's Raymond
    Yes, Dear

  3. Favorite restraunt?

  4. Denny's

  5. Favorite color?

  6. Yellow

  7. How do I like my alcohol?

  8. Drink beer at home by myself?
    Do body shots of some random girl at the bar?
    Drink beer at a bar with friends?
    Drink vodka and cranberry's at the casino?
    Drink beer out of a two story beer bong in Dekalb?

  9. I would rather be...

  10. trapped in a cave
    In the forrest
    In Vegas
    In Chicago
    In Rochester

Lets see how you did!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

what type of gangsta are ya?

  1. what do you and your friends do when you hang out?

  2. be true gangsta's
    kill animals
    stay home and play video games
    rob mother fuckers

  3. if some one walked in your house you?

  4. pistol wip them
    blow thier brains out
    scare them with a gun
    run out of the house

  5. what type of weapon do ya prefer (auto) (semi) (singleshot) or (bitch gun)?

  6. glock
    ak-47 assult rifle
    9 mm
    12 guage shotgun

  7. what would you do if you were on a high speed chase n the only thing that you had was your gun?

  8. dispose the gun an try to get away
    give your self up
    try to kill those fucking pigs
    tuck n roll

  9. what would you do if you shot your girl dead?

  10. call the cops
    dispose the body an play it off
    sit there an cry
    plant the evidence on your best friend

Would I date you

Hey this quiz would tell you if I would want to date you or not. Good luck
  1. What is your hair type

  2. brown, shaggy
    blonde, spiked
    red shaved

  3. What color is your eyes

  4. brown

  5. What kind of sports are you into

  6. football

  7. What kind of girls are you into

  8. hot sporty girls
    nerdy math girls
    normal average girls

  9. Do you think your attractive

  10. No
    Heck yea

You did great. Thanks for taking my test

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Are You Gay?

Are you gay? Do you even know?
  1. Do You enjoy the company of the Same Sex?

  2. Yes
    Fuck You

  3. Do you own Blue running Pants?

  4. Yes
    3 sets

  5. Are you thinking about being gay right now?

  6. Yes

  7. Do you work in Sales?

  8. Yes
    I don't understand the Question.

  9. Does your name start with a J, C, T, or D?

  10. Yes
    Yes but I don't see how this matters.

Thank you!

How much do you love your girl?

Wanna find out how much you love your girlfriend? Come and take the quiz. It has only 10 questions and takes less than 3 mintues. Come on!
  1. If she falls into a deep cliff, what would you do?.

  2. feel regret because you cant save her life but still contiune to go on with new life without her
    falls with her because without her your life would be empty and meaningless
    feel grieve for the rest of your life and probably not fall in love again
    i dont know

  3. You can propse her right now, will you do it?

  4. Definitely i love her with all my heart
    Maybe but still need to consider if she is the right one for me or not.
    i'm not sure because i dotn want to marry her yet
    No i dont want to

  5. What do you think about the saying" until death tears us apart..."

  6. nah it's just a saying. doesn't work for me
    True to me! nothing can stop my love for her but death
    it's somewhere true depends on my mood
    Not true! Love may be changed by other factor. i'm not sure i love her for the rest of my life

  7. If you ahve a wish, what will it be?

  8. have lots of money
    have my dream car
    be happy with my girl for the rest of my life under parent's permission
    be smart, have good scholarship

  9. She is mad at you because you pay less attetion to her. What would you do?

  10. Leave her alone for some days until she is less mad...
    Dont talk to her until she talks back. It's childish to be mad for that
    Try your best to ask for forgiveness and wont do it again
    i dont know. Let it be as what it is

  11. Do you think this is your last love?

  12. Of course she is my life, my love
    Somehow yes..
    Not really, i dont feel i have strong and right love

  13. What is most important in love?

  14. Sex
    Not Jealous

  15. What can you do for her?

  16. Anything
    Depend what it is
    i dont know. never think about
    may be some small think that wont take much effort or too hard to do

  17. Do you see her as fiancee yet?

  18. Of course without conscious thought
    Not really

  19. What happens if your family/her family refuse?

  20. still be patient and try to persuade them and never leave her alone
    i dont know but at least try
    if they have right reason i will give up on her
    has to do what they say since they are parents and usually right.

0-10: you dont love her at all. May be it's illusion or a frienhship relation that be exagerted

11-20: It's almost love but still now. You are just liking her. Try to be more closer and spend time wih her. You may turn it to a great LOVE

21-30: Congratulation! You are having a true and sweetest love ever. Keep it up!

Hot or not? ( for dudes)

Think your mullets hot? I think you better take this quiz!
  1. How would you describe yourself?

  2. Hot
    Ugly, who would want to date me?

  3. Do you flirt with other girls when you already have a girlfriend?

  4. Yes!, i'm just having alittle fun!
    No! that's imoral!
    Maybe, I don't have a girlfriend, I would'nt know

  5. Older or younger woman?

  6. Older, they're more developed-if you know what I mean!
    My age
    younger - they're sweeter

  7. Do you kiss and tell?

  8. maybe only a few friends
    why not? they tell me when they're ...
    No! i would'nt want her to do the same to me?

  9. Do you think apperence matters?

  10. Yes
    no- look at me

Well, if your hot call me!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Will You Be Right For Me?

So, you think you're right for me? We will find out...
  1. First question: Do you know how to make paper stars? Just answer.

  2. Of course. Duh.
    Um, what are paper stars?
    No, but I'm willing to learn how to.
    Yeah. My sister makes loads of those.

  3. Would you hold my hand in front of your guy friends?

  4. Only when they're not looking.
    Sure, why not?
    Hell no! What would they think of me?
    I don't hold hands.

  5. Where would you bring me for a date?

  6. Rock concert.
    Dinner date at a posh restaurant.
    Picnic at beach, while watching the sunset.
    At home. You cooked dinner. We'll wash the dishes together.

  7. "That love, whose view is muffled still, should without eyes see pathways to his will!"

  8. Hamlet
    Romeo & Juliet
    Midsommer Night's Dream
    Um, I don't know.

  9. "I love you"

  10. Awww... I love you too.
    It's a vintage store in makati.
    That's "Te Amo" in Spanish.
    Whoa. I never thought it would be this easy to court you.

  11. What would you give me for my birthday?

  12. A home-made present. Of course.
    An expensive Chariol bracelet.
    I'll treat you at the nearby Isaw and Fishball stand.
    Surprise party. All your friend and family will be there.

  13. When is my birthday?

  14. December 13, 1987
    Jan. 13, 1987
    Jan. 13, 1988
    Feb 12, 1987

  15. Which one do you like best?

  16. Modest Mouse
    Imogen Heap
    Pharrel Williams

  17. With whom did I take soccer lessons in AFC when I was in high school?

  18. Cecille.

  19. Finally, do you think you are right for me?

  20. Of course. Why the hell would I answer this stupid quiz?
    I don't know yet. We're still getting to know each other.
    Um.. Er... I just like to answer online quizzes.

You're done! To get to the next page. Click "Give me more."

relationship quiz

  1. wat does ure gf like

  2. flowers

  3. does ure gf like sex

  4. yes

  5. does ure gf like safe sex

  6. yes

  7. do u love ure gf

  8. yes

  9. does ure gf love u

  10. no

  11. does ure gf like movie dates

  12. yes

  13. does ure gf like u taking her places

  14. yes

  15. does ure gfs parents like u

  16. yes

  17. does ure gf like wrestling

  18. yes

  19. does ure gf like dinner dates

  20. yes

Sunday, February 05, 2006

How essex r u?

  1. how many people have you slept with

  2. none im saving myself till i get married
    none, people always seam scared off by my chavness
    1, i dont wana be like those slags down the park
    erm . . . . . well iv been time/brannigans/the park ? many times X 10 = ????

  3. how many items of burburry clothing do u or have u owned

  4. none
    its all burburry, i love it cos it is like so totally cool init

  5. whats your hair colour

  6. brown
    natural blond
    dyed blond

  7. when was the last time you spent the whole night crying in the toliets of a club over a guy

  8. last night
    week ago
    month ago
    year ago
    never have

  9. what do you drink on a night out

  10. bacaridi and coke
    white lightning (cider)
    wkd / reef / vk (achol pop)

  11. what is your favourite clothing label

  12. what eva i can nick
    anythink thats a tracksuit

  13. when is the last time u said init

  14. just now
    earlier today
    last week
    last month, i try not to say it.
    i never say it.

  15. whens the last time you walked round your local town drinkin cos you couldnt get into a club

  16. last night, since when couldnt you get into a club wearing a tracksuit and trainers
    i always get in, as my fake tan, padded bra and short skirt make me look at least 15
    i get into clubs, i just usually get chucked out, i swear the guy walked into my fist
    i no i wont get in so i sit outside the offlicence/park drinking instead
    my uncle/friend is the bouncer i always get in.

  17. do you think your an essex girl/boy

  18. no way, ok i may come from essex but i am so above that
    no way i have never been anywhere near essex and never want to
    yeh so what and im proud of it,
    yeh but i wouldnt go round telling everybody
    i have been to essex once and am doinging this test just to make sure it has not rubbed off on me

  19. where do you get your money from

  20. the doll and child support
    nickin stuff
    part time job
    all of the above