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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

How well do YOU know me

  1. How many BEST friends do I have?

  2. 4

  3. What was I called when I was born?

  4. Hannah

  5. What breed are my cats?

  6. Mackerl tabby
    Classic tabby

  7. What day do I go karate?

  8. Thursday

  9. Do I have a TV in my room?

  10. Yes

Disney Channel Quiz

Do you think you know everything about Disney Channel? Well, let's see if you do!
  1. Which show does Christy Carlson Ramano do a VOICEOVER on?

  2. Even Stevens
    Proud Family
    Kim Possible
    Llyod is Space

  3. The man who plays the voice of Patrick Star also has a voiceover role on the TV show...

  4. Proud Family
    Lloyd in Space
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Sabrina - Animated Series

  5. Which TV show was a movie that became a TV series?

  6. Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Animated Series
    Lizzie McGuire
    Not Sure
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids series

  7. Which Movie for a Disney Channel show was NOT a DCOM?

  8. Lizzie McGuire Movie
    Even Steven's Movie
    Kim Possible Movie
    They all are DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies)

  9. How many episodes of Lizzie McGuire was Disney Channel allowed to have?

  10. 200

  11. Which Disney Channel series is also on ABC Family (not mornings!)?

  12. Lizzie McGuire
    Sister Sister
    Boy Meets World
    Smart Guy

Hope you passed the test!

let see if u really knw me!

hi im jennifer!! i will test ur skills n see if u really knw me...hehehe gud luk!
  1. when is my bday?

  2. March 05
    May 21
    July 15
    Febuary 10

  3. wat is my second name?

  4. Arellano

  5. How tall m i?

  6. 5feet 6inches
    4feet 2inches
    5feet 5inches
    5feeet 5 1/2inches

  7. Wher did i come from?

  8. Hawaii

  9. Who is atom?(its a person)

  10. Robert

  11. What is my nationality?

  12. Greek,Filipino
    Hawaiian, Filipino
    Italian, Filipino

  13. What is my hobbie?

  14. singing

  15. Wahts my email add?

  16. jenny_kuleci@yahoo.com

  17. how old m i?

  18. 12

  19. What skul did i come from?

  20. Aikahi Elementary Skul
    Punaho Skul
    Kamahamaha Skul

hahahah.....if u got more den 4 wrong u really dnt knw me....hahaha

Monday, August 01, 2005

yup its a ?

so are you like me? do you want to find out? well here you go!
  1. when your getting ready for the day you spend ........

  2. 35 min.
    10 min.
    1 hour
    1hour or more

  3. at school you most likely are in what room?

  4. the library
    art room
    lunch room

  5. after school you.......

  6. take a nap
    do an activity like dance or chior
    eat a snack
    hang with boyfriend/girlfriend

  7. when is your homework done?

  8. right after school im punctual
    homework? i thought that was doodle paper
    during school duh free afternoon
    10 to 3 am i forgot all about it

  9. friday night where are you?

  10. at the movies
    in bed sleeping duh
    football game YEAH! GO TEAM
    um watch some cool shows with my friends

  11. saturday moring you are.......

  12. sleeping i dont know what moring is
    get up early but dont start moving untill 10 am
    up bright and early i'll make waffles
    just finishing my homework mom

  13. its saturday night whose calling you?

  14. mom calling your cell WHERE ARE YOU ITS 2 AM
    your grandma she just baked cookies
    your boyfriend/girlfriend
    your friend, HEY LETS GO TO THE HOT TUB

  15. its sunday night what are you most likely doing?

  16. OH MY GOSH my homework isnt done yet I need a poster board is it 10 pm
    well i have to wake up early for school so i will get some shut eye
    Hey My shoes on aww at 1 am oh well i'll sleep later
    its still weekend PARTY ON DUDE

Hey you made it through the quiz good for you. have a cookie.