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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tricia vs. the World

I've lost the inspiration to write about myself in paragraph form, so take this quiz instead and rest assured that you're still communing with the most inspired and vulgar aspects of that which is tricia.
  1. What do I wear everyday even though I should have put it/them in the laundry weeks ago?

  2. black leggings
    knee high socks

  3. What's my favorite line from Talladega Nights?

  4. "JENGA!"
    "I like to like to picture Jesus as a ninja, fightin' off evil samurai"
    "I'ma come at you like a spider monkey!"

  5. What's my favorite thing to complain about lately?

  6. my hair
    doing the dishes
    my job

  7. What element of personal hygiene do I always forget?

  8. cutting my toenails
    putting on deodorant
    taking showers

  9. Why did I just overdraw my checking account at the grocery store?

  10. I really wanted those cheese puffs.
    I called the bank hotline but forgot my balance by the time I went to check-out.
    I knew my mom was sending me money for my birthday, and I was in "fuck it" mode.

  11. What's my favorite thing to make Justin for dinner?

  12. potato leek soup
    scrambled eggs with mayo and olives
    casseroles involving layers of toast and creamy cheese sauce

  13. How many times do I hit the snooze button before I wake up?

  14. 3

  15. What's the worst part about getting home after work?

  16. Pitt/CMU students do not understand what "move to the back of the bus" means.
    I break a sweat walking up the slight incline that is Atlantic Ave.
    It's really hard to get my shoes off.

  17. What am I proud of?

  18. Being good at my job.
    Having conquered kleptomania.
    Having taught myself HTML as a teenager.

  19. Where's my favorite place in Pittsburgh?

  20. Schenley Park
    the coffee shop inside the former bank vault
    the inclines

Writing quizzes about yourself is fun. You should all do it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Teen Pregnancy Quiz

Here's the Quiz or Interactive quiz for this site.
  1. What is the average birth rate for Women in the US in 2002?

  2. 90

  3. What is the % of teen pregnancy occuring by rape?

  4. 30% - 60%
    10% - 15%
    11% - 20%

  5. What is the percent of teens becoming pregnant due to peer pressure?

  6. 29%

  7. What is a more likely reason for a teen to become pregnant?

  8. Mother gave birth or cousin gave birth as a teen.
    Aunt gave birth.
    Mother or sister gave birth as a teen.

  9. The ratio of 1 of 3 boys was pushed into making a girl pregnant by other male friends.

  10. True.

Let's see how you did!